FARTECH Corporation Retro Calendar Flip Clock; FARTECH International Inc. (Canada)

World Wide Invention Patents awarded
Multiple Patents awarded in USA, China, Great Britain, Korea, Japan and Taiwan
USA Pittsburgh Invention and New Product Expo (INPEX) Special Award for Excellence
Enjoy modern lifestyle and fashionable retro flip clock products without designer prices! Get the time and date all in one glance!
Tired of resetting your traditional LED/LCD displays after a power outage? All of our products are battery operated, and they are suitable in any setting… at home, in an office or in a store front. Place it wherever you desire, on your desk or on a wall, there are no power cords to limit the location of your choice.
[Backlit LED display disadvantage] Diode displays are rigid and hard on the eyes; installations are limited by power source!
[Number Block display disadvantage] Changing of the blocks daily is a chore and a waste of time; blocks also become loose through frequent usage.
[Daily Calendar disadvantage] Waste of paper and resources; forgetting to rip off the pages causes confusion

AD-910: Slider Clock 600X200X40 mm

AD-910X: Slider Clock 600X200X40 mm

AD-901W: Jubmo Flip Clock 405X165X90 mm

AD-630 430X430X160 mm
AD-640 320X320X110 mm
AD-650 240X240X100 mm
AD-880 180X180X77 mm
colors: white/black/red/orange/green
AD-890 240X100X100 mm
Can be displayed in various styles
colors: white/black
Wall mount/Desk top

AD-622-city 430X430X110 mm
AD-621-year 430X430X110 mm
AD-620 430X430X110 mm
colors: white/black

AD-901B: Jubmo Flip Clock 405X165X90 mm
AD-860 Dia.330x110 mm
AD-860City Dia.330x110 mm

AD-610 380X135X100 mm
colors: white/black/orange/silver

AD-410 480X250X105 mm
colors: white/green/red/silver

AD-820 320X220X100 mm
colors: white/black/red/green/orange

AD-840 220X245X100 mm
colors: white/black
Wall mount/Desk top
AD-830 435X200X100 mm
colors: white/black/silver/wood trim

AD-801 380X265X100 mm
colors: white/black/orange/green

AD-660 330X240X110 mm
colors: white/black
AD-670 330X330X115 mm
colors: white/black
AD-671 330X330X115 mm
colors: white/black

AD-810 375X265X100 mm
colors: white/black
AD-811 375X265X100 mm
colors: chrome
AD-812 375X265X100 mm
colors: chrome

AD-850 Dia.280x80 mm
colors: white/black/wood trim

AD-802 320x220x100 mm
colors: white/black/green/orange/wood trim

AD-710 320X220X100 mm
color: white